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This is JOURney, the Journal Of Undergraduate Research at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.


Research Excellence.

Our annual journal is dedicated to the publication of outstanding faculty-mentored research conducted by current undergraduate students. We publish research in the disciplines of natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Our goal is to celebrate and support the original research conducted early in students’ academic careers that reflects appropriate scope and complexity for excellent undergraduate work.

By and for students.

Sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research, the JOURney editorial board is student-run, comprised of a team of undergraduates from different backgrounds. Editors review and select papers for the annual journal, collaborating with accepted authors to polish and prepare their work for publication.


The journal curates a selection of articles that not only showcase the diversity of research being done on campus, but also highlight connections across different fields. By providing a platform for students to share their findings, we invite the reader to learn about different research and creatively think about apparent and hidden connections. We hope our journal will leave people with more knowledge and appreciation for local, national, and international issues.







Meet your peers… who are also published authors. 


Brianna Baker is a senior graduating with honors double majors in Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies and a minor in Health and Society. She completed an honors thesis through the UNC Center for Health Equity, centered on the psychological effects of natural disasters on low-income African Americans. During her time at UNC, Brianna has served as a Mental Health Ambassador, Undergraduate Research Ambassador, and a chair for the UNC Minority Health Conference. She plans to further her studies in Clinical Psychology MPH-PhD program.

Marsela Hughes is a senior majoring in Global Studies and Communication. Her Honors Thesis with the Communication Department examines the construction of Indian identity through representations of India in contemporary television and film. Marsela’s thesis is a creative intersection of her studies on both South Asia in Global Studies and media analysis within Commnication. In her time at UNC, Marsela has garnered theories of media analysis and employed them to critique mediated representations of India.

Charlotte Smith is a graduating junior with a double major in Chemistry and English Literature. As a research assistant in the Erie Lab, Charlotte focused on the biochemistry of plasmid cloning and protein purification for which she was awarded a Taylor Fellowship. During her time at UNC, Charlotte served as a varsity fencer for the women’s foil squad. She plans to apply to medical school with the hope of becoming a physician.







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