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Meet the team that makes it happen.


JOURney is a student-run organization with an editorial board and a publicity team. The Editors-in-chief manage and oversee all operations. Our field editors – Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities – get a first-hand look at the variety of exciting research UNC students do. Through a systematic process, editors review submissions in their respective fields and recommend select papers to be included in the journal. They also work with accepted authors to add finishing touches to the paper before publication. The Layout Editor keeps our journal fresh, working on all creative design aspects. As for our publicity team, they work the behind-the-scenes to spread innovative student research on campus. This includes implementing creative market strategies to promote JOURney, publicizing the recently released journal, and recruiting submissions.

This organization is sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research at UNC.


Ricardo Scheufen Tieghi

Roshni Arun


Rhiannon Williams


Eleanor Hummel


Moiz Chomelawala


Emma Jung


Yasmine Ackall


Gabriella Wright